Montag, 9. März 2009

Springtime desire & reality in March

An approaching snow shower
overhead Bad Mergentheim this morning.
It came from the north and lasted only approx. 10 minutes.
This was not what I wished to get as springtime weather on 9th of March during my day off.

Nevertheless: I tried to take some photos to visualize the character of the snowfall.

The first image is the "standard picture" during the snow shower from my balcony without any flashlight.

The same perspective (with a little more wide angle), but with time exposure and flashlight.
The flashlight highlights each snowflake direct in front of the lens, the long(er) exposure time is important to depict the landscape in the right way.

Looks interesting, too, doesn't it?

"Normal" flash photo with short exposure time to emphasise the snowflakes.
But you don't see anything of the landscape behind.

So make your own choice which of the "snow shower photos" is your favourite one.

Or do you prefer the photos of the blossoms???

Most of the cherry blossoms (the second blossom is from a plum tree) I took in the recent years at the end of March. But I'm not really sure if we have the chance to see some trees blooming before Easter / April this year...

The result of 10 minutes of snow shower in combination with
temperatures of about 4°C (39°F)...
...on the windscreen of the car of our beloved neighbours R. & R. ...

In the meanwhile (i.e. two hours later) the sun shines again...

That's springtime at Germany!!!


  1. Hello

    I love your spring flowers and especially your arrangement of pictures. Full of contrast and it's fun. :)

    As to the snowflakes, I like the longer exposure one. It seems to retain the atmosphere of the scene.

    Hope I will have chance for snow-ground shooting.

    Regards from Taiwan


  2. Anonym11/3/09

    Wir begruessen Kambdoscha in der Laenderstatistik mit einem dreifach: