Donnerstag, 5. Februar 2009

Self-experiment no. 37...

...this time with Chinese tea candies.

One of my colleagues has good connections to our Chinese sales team.
So from time to time we get some delicacies / fancy foods which seem to be popular on the Chinese market, but totally unknown here at Germany.

Yesterday we got "sucrose starch syrup hard candy" with the flavour of green, jasmine, oolong, black and tieh kwan yin tea. The last type of tea - tieh kwan yin - is also known as "Iron Goddess of Mercy" - what ever this means in regard to my health.

I started to taste the candies yesterday - and I'm still in good mood and also in good psychic & physical condition today... ;-))

But I really must say: the tea candies have been one of the least exotic delicacies we got within the last two years. It really starts to become interesting when we get some food we never saw before, we have absolutely no idea what it could be and there's no product information in English (or any other language we might be able to read) on the wrapping.

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  1. Anonym5/2/09

    ... und schwups versagt die Niere und keiner weiß warum ...