Montag, 12. Januar 2009

* * * F R O Z E N * * *

Since one week our part of the world has been in the clutch of Father Frost. Especially in our area - the valley of the river Tauber - the temperatures have gone down to -18°C (-0,4°F) during night and have not increased to more than -8°C (17,6°F) during the course of the day for more then one week now.

So not only the ponds and lakes, even the rivers are frozen over, especially where the flow velocity is not too high. In the meanwhile they even stopped officially the ship traffic on the bigger rivers of Southern Germany like Main and Neckar because of the embacle / ice drift.

I took these photos on Sunday, 2009-01-11, at the lower course of the Tauber, near the village of Niklashausen & Reicholzheim.

The last picture I took at the mouth of the Tauber into the river Main at Wertheim. On Sunday the last river boats were allowed to cruise along on the Main. Now the boat traffic came to a standstill.

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