Sonntag, 6. September 2015

No. 4 of all the TOP 100 sights 2015 in Germany: HEIDELBERG

Heidelberg's Old Bridge over the river Neckar with Bridge Gate and the Heidelberg Castle in the background.

And which are the other TOP 100 travel destinations???

The TOP 100 sights and attractions in Germany

OK, now you know...
...let's return to Heidelberg.

Once again: the Bridge Gate with its twin towers...

...THE top photo motif in Heidelberg: the Old Castle ...

..and a view along the long pedastrian zone with the steeple of the municipal church (on the left). 

Old long-playing record (you remember?) "Alt Heidelberg du Feine" / "Old Heidelberg you fine one"

and: (Latin scholar to the front) "Gaudeamus igitur" --> ""So Let Us Rejoice" / "Lasst uns also fröhlich sein!" 

is a popular academic commercium song in many Western countries, mainly sung or performed at university graduation ceremonies. Despite its use as a formal graduation hymn, it is a jocular, light-hearted composition that pokes fun at university life. The song is thought to originate in a Latin manuscript from 1287. It is in the tradition of carpe diem ("seize the day") with its exhortations to enjoy life. It was known as a beer-drinking song in many ancient universities and is the official song of many schools, colleges, universities, institutions, student societies and is the official anthem of the International University Sports Federation.

This is...
...what I don't want to post about! ;-) 

For those of you who come occasionally to Heidelberg (like me, because it's only 110 km away from my home town), there are even more popular places to spend some pleasant hours or even a whole day.

Therefore you have to cross the Neckar to arrive at a district called Neuenheim.

On a Saturday morning, ...

...this is one of my favourite places in Heidelberg.

Especially: the streets around the Neuenheim Market with their charming little shops and cafés, many of them "French style"...

...but the star / my favourite of Neuenheim is the weekly market itself!

Selected farmers, butchers, other producers and merchants with a wide range of quality and bio/organic products from the vicinity offer their choice of products.

The price-performance ratio of the products is really great compared to the high level of quality!

At the end of the market day you can enjoy a coffee (or two) and some German or French pastries in one of the many enchanting coffee bars...

Café Auszeit / coffee bar "downtime" (literally translated)

Now you may understand why I prefer the "quality time" at Neuenheim far away from the flow of tourists in the middle of Heidelbergs Old Town.


  1. Wonderful photos! There are so many beautiful old towns in Germany. I don't know if we're coming back next summer, but we'll be back soon. Take care!

  2. Beautiful shoots!!!I think Germany has many great places!!Iam planning to go there for a weekend..All my friends says Berlin is the top but I dont know..Glad I found your blog as I can choose where to go:)))


  3. Heidelberg habe ich als Schulausflug in wager Erinnerung - und schon damals gab es Unmengen von Touristen Schön sieht es aber trotzdem aus. Vielleicht sollte ich mal wieder einen Ausflug dorthin machen...Allerdings gefallet mir der Markt und die kleinen Cafés auf der anderen Seite sowieso viel besser....Schoenen Tag!

  4. Oh My! An old friend from University went to Heidelberg and she had a photo taken with the view of the river Neckar! When I saw that very first picture of hers on her trip to Germany I felt so jealous! I've always wanted to see Germany and I hope and pray I would someday soon! Your country is just so beautiful Uwe!

    Much love from the Philippine Islands
    Steven :)

  5. This is a magical place!
    Love seeing you at

  6. I love the market shots - too many people near the gate/bridge tho - those kind of tourist crush doesn't my head in....(we travellers are a problem!!)

  7. YOu captured the city so beautifully! We were engaged there and then lived there 3 years ago for the summer!

  8. Regarding the overseas travels, I don’t mind the flow of people at the must-see historical, cultural assets. Heidelberg is no expectation. However, I like the places where local people spend relaxing time. Once I entered a café with German menu only in Vienna, I pointed the one the top of the menu thinking it must be the most popular one, and there came coffee with several mixture of spice and cream which was not my image of Vienna coffee. Isn’t that experience exciting?


  9. Im Herbst ist es gut dort kommen.

  10. Beautiful shots. Specially the market is interesting.

    R. Täysin arkista

  11. Delicious looking market :)

  12. Ja, die lokalen Märkte sind wahre Kleinode. Meist landet viel mehr in den Taschen als eigentlich geplant :). LG Su

  13. What a gorgeous place! Thanks for the tour, let's do it again.

  14. Nice autumn pictures! Markets are lovely <3

  15. I work for a German company for 20+ years and yet I never visited Germany. (only once when I was 21 which was 30 years ago when I went for the Hannover Wood Working and machinery exhibition but it was Airport to Hotel, Hotel to Exhibition for 7 days and then go home). I am sure you know this company called SAP.

  16. Hi! Nice collection. I climbed Mt.Zugspitze and drank the highest glass of beer at the restaurant on the top of the mountain 5 or 6 years ago. I read Alt-Heidelberg by Japanese translation. My favorite song is Das gibt's nur einmal. What kind of shock did you have looking my cinema's photo?

  17. Wow!!! Was für schönes Fotos!!
    Wir besuchten Heidelberg im April letzten Jahres. Was für eine schöne Stadt !!
    Wir schliefen eine Nacht in der Stadt. Also, haben wir auch die Bootsfahrt gemacht. Der Tag war schön und wir haben es wirklich genossen . Deutschland ist einfach wunderbar! LG, Kollege! und ein schönes Wochenende! :-).

  18. One of my lieblings Stadt in Deutschland!!!
    Cute, small, cozy, that castle on the hill is supreme!
    Lovely to see the city again with your pictures!