Freitag, 22. Mai 2015

Sunday stroll around Rothenburg

When have you been to Rothenburg o.T. in Southern Germany last time?

One of Germany's most popular tourist destinations is only half an hour travel time away from our hometown. So every now and then my sweetheart and I take advantage of the proximity of time and place and pay a visit to Rothenburg.

Last Sunday we did this trip together with two good friends, had a great breakfast at our favourite "inn in the meadows" UNTER DEN LINDEN first and thereafter we had a very pleasant stroll along the Tauber Valley path beneath Rothenburg.

So please accompany us on our stroll through the phantastic springtime nature of this splendid location.

It's blowball time...

...and time of the chestnut bloom.

And - surprisingly - we had an encounter with "wild beasts"...

...the herd of "Taubertal Alpakas" - Tauber Valley alpacas....

...bred far away from their habitat Andes Mountains to delight their owners and visitors and - of course - to use their precious wool.

Short prior Pentecost you can find many peonies in our local gardens and parks.
We name this beautiful flower "Pfingstrose" - literally translated to "Pentecost Rose".

I hope you enjoyed our common stroll along the river Tauber - and the precious items we found along the track.

CU (See you) at Rothenburg next time!?!?!



  1. Perfect pictures. Great reflection with the bridge.

  2. Etwas überraschender als die schönen Frühlingsfarben! Frohe Pfingsten!

  3. Wunderschöne Fotos! Der letzte Blick auf die Stadt ist einfach toll! Und die Blütenpracht sowieso! Aber besonders entzückend finde ich die Alpakas, wie wohl kürzlich ihre Wolle lassen mussten! :)
    Liebe Grüße

  4. Wonderful photos! I love the alpackas (although they look kind of naked at the moment) and the gorgeous peonies. I wish you a peaceful Sunday!

  5. Hello, Uwe! I strolled around autumnal Rothenburg with my daughter more than ten years ago. Rothenberg is the place where I’d like to return if only I have much easier access. How cute the Tauber Valley alpacas! The fourth photo is like one page of a fairy tale. Have happy and healthy days ahead!


  6. Such a wonderful collection, I can't decide on a favorite! Tom The Backroads Traveller