Dienstag, 22. Juli 2014

The old cemertry at the village of Benz

I really like taking flowers and blossoms in spring and summer all day long,
but every now and then it's time to point your camera to other objects of desire as well.

Difficult to say a cemetry can be an object of desire.

Above all a cemertry is a place place of mourning, where relatives and friends can commemorate their decedents.

But the old burial ground of the village of Benz on the island of Usedom
can be such an object of desire for passionate photographers as well.

The very old part of the cemetry from 1836 is not longer actively used for burials,
it's like a park of silence and contemplation amidst an enchanted forest.

As you can see you find some of the old cast-iron crosses and railing on that old site,
they used to mark and enclose the burial grounds in the past.

Many tomb raiders and walk-in thiefs had damaged and stolen many of the iron yesteryear's witnesses,
but you still can find several of these beautiful keepsakes.

More or less large parts of the cemetry grounds and many of the railings and tombstones are overgrown by ivy.

Those that are not ivy-clad...

...are cobwebbed.

Nowadays the old cemetry of Benz is under monumental protection.

But you are allowed to enter this idyllic site
and to feel and breathe its very special charme. 

A peaceful and relaxed summer period to all of you!


  1. Beautiful photos - love this light in your photos.

  2. Really beautiful images! I love the one with the cross bokeh...3rd from bottom. Your post reminds me that I need to go visit my mom and sister. Cemeteries are such peaceful places.

  3. Sagenhaft schöne Fotos, und ein bißchen creepy (was bitte als Kompliment zu verstehen ist). Wäre eine gute Kulisse für einen Stephen-King-Film!

  4. Tolle Aufnahmen lieber Uwe , man kann die Ruhe und Ewigkeit fast spüren. Wie das Kreuz mit den Bäumen verwachsen ist gefällt mir sehr. Merken tu ich mir den Ort auf jedenfall !
    Sommerliche Grüße, Patricia

  5. Wonderful photos! It's so peaceful to walk in old cemeteries.

  6. These are wunderbar Uwe! I am so glad you linked them up to Life Through the Lens. I'm featuring your site this week ;-). I hope you have a very pleasant break from your blog.

  7. Each gravestone represents many stories that will never be told. I too like taking flower shots. This is a bit of a divergence. ;-)

  8. Old cemeteries have a peaceful atmosphere. Nice photos.

  9. Wunderbar! Ich liebe alte Friedhöfe... und schön eingefangen mit den feinen Spinnweben.

    Hier gibts übrigens jeden Dienstag eine Linkparty für alte Dinge, ich schaue mir gern die Beiträge der Teilnehmer an
    LG Mascha

  10. Gorgeous series! Everything is more beautiful when we slow down to really see. Thanks for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro:-)

  11. Beautiful place. Love the close-ups!

  12. I love old cemeteries I think they are utterly fascinating places


  13. Some lovely shots! I love the colors, the rust against the vibrant green. So pretty!

  14. Such a beautiful, peaceful looking place. I like old cemeteries. I like imagining the life of those who came before and they do make for good photographs as well.

  15. I love traipsing through old cemeteries and this one looks top notch.~May

  16. Dear Uwe - Your magical photos show why you had photographic desire to this ruined cemetery. Every photo is atmospheric and I especially like the composition of the second and and the sixth image. Nice to know the old cemetry is under protection now. By the way, can you be there alone at night? Have a nice holiday at the German North Sea coast.