Montag, 30. Juni 2014

Roses in the Castle Garden of Rothenburg

After a great and relaxing morning at our favourite Sunday breakfast spot 'Unter den Linden' at Rothenburg ob der Tauber we went for a stroll inside the town wall of the medieval town.

Off the beaten tourist tracks there are many beautiful und unique places to linger over.

One of this places is the Burggarten (Castle Garden) in the east of the old town, high above the Tauber valley.

From there you have a fantastic panorama view on the southern town wall and the historic buildings behind.

One of my favourite spots in the Castle Garden is a small geometrical garden from the 17th/18th century with eight figures made from sandstone.

They are representing the four seasons and the four elements.

Currently many beautiful and sweet-smelling roses are blooming.

Here are some of my best shots from yesterday...

***   ***   ***   ***   ***

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See you at Rothenburg next time...  ;-)


  1. Beautiful Scooter, and all that you have taken the flowers, absolutely magnificent.

  2. Oh, wow, these are really beautiful! Even the fallen rose petals on the ground are amazing. Incredibly awesome photography here!!!

  3. I love the view over the old town and the roses are gorgeous!

  4. I love the view over the old town and the roses are gorgeous!

  5. Wunderschoene Fotos! Und was für ein schöner Park! Mein letzter Besuch in Rothenburg ob der Tauber war im zarten Alter von 6 Jahren.....Oh je. Ich glaube da muss ich mal wieder hin!

  6. Softly the viewer sees the world through flowers. I adore your post this week. Looks like you enjoyed your breakfast!!!!
    JM, Illinois-U.S.A.

  7. Hallo my friend!!!
    I have been out of the blogosphere for a while, my "lust zu schreiben" is far far away, but today I misses sneaking into some friends' blogs, yours included, and here I found - as I always do - amazing pictures of Deutschland.
    Rothenburg is indeed a pretty little town. I visited it during winter, so the landscape was quite different from the one you showed us. How gorgeous it is with all the flowers... I loved to see it in spring/summer!
    My friend, is your heart ready for a final Deutschland gegen Brasilien?
    Das kann passieren!
    Best wishes from party Brazil!

  8. beautiful garden photos. love the first capture too.

  9. Hello, Uwe, I’m slowly back to the blog-sphere. Walking around Rothenberg with my daughter in autumn is one of my fond memories, but I visited only the popular sites, that’s a shame. I’m happy to accompany you to this lovely rose garden and a bit of the off-the-beaten tracks this time.


  10. Hello Uwe,

    Rothenberg looks like a beautiful town and loved seeing the gorgeous gardens - the roses are amazing.
    Lovely photos - like the red Vespa also.
    Happy week

  11. Hallo Uwe
    Rothenburg ist so schön.Ebenso ist Deutschland schön! Nice shots!
    Ja, my friend, erstens, natürlich, ich werde Brasilien anfeuern. Wenn Brasilien nicht gewinnt werde ich für Deutschland anzufeuern :-).
    Hast du das Video von der deutschen Nationalmannschaft gesehen?
    Die brasilianische Presse und die Brasilianer sagen, dass Deutschland eine der freundlichen und charismatischen Teams dieser WM ist :-). So, viel Glück für uns alle!

  12. Das Video:

  13. What lovely blossoms! They are a great sight since we are in winter here in New Zealand!