Montag, 17. Februar 2014

First harbingers of spring 2014 in Germany

Snow in the south of the USA,
snow in wide areas of Japan,


and snowdrops (but NO snow at all)
and many other early flowering plants
in Germany
in the month of February 2014.


This year's winter weather is really crazy!

While many countries left and right of Europe have to suffer the consequences of a severe winter with plenty of snow,
our German winter is one of the mildest we ever had.

I can't remember the last time I took photos of crocuses in the middle of February!

All the other spring flowers around - winter aconite and helleborus niger - are valued in cultivation as one of the earliest of all flowers to appear.

But crocuses?

Last year I took crocuses in late March and April!!!

 Helleborus niger - commonly called Christmas rose or black hellebore.
Here's the white version of the flower, borne on short stems blooms from midwinter to early spring.

Eranthis hyemalis - the winter aconite - native to woodland habitats all over Europe.

Or: native in the garden of my father-in-law.



  1. Wow! Alles blüht und grünt! Der Winter dieses Jahr ist unglaublich. Warm mit sehr wenig Schnee. Ich mag es :-).
    Bis jetzt habe ich noch keine Frühlingsblumen in der natur gesehen!
    Schönes Woche Uwe und LG aus der Schweiz :-)

  2. Beautiful!!!
    Lots of energy and positive vibes from this cute yellow flowers!
    As the poet says:
    "Earth laughs in flowers".
    Cheers to a mild winter and an upcoming Spring!

  3. Looks like Europe including Russia has experienced mild, or unusually warm winter, while North America has frozen over and Japan has had record snowfall, as you wrote. Though we have colors of winter-blooming blossoms, my Christmas roses are not yet to bloom. I love your white Christmas roses. Your photos are fascinating and my favorite are the fifth and the eighth which looks dreamy and I can feel sunshine in.

    I’ll have a blog break for a while. On returning, I’ll catch up. See you.


  4. Wie schön! Einfach traumhafte Blüten und Farben! Ich hab mich heute schon über ein paar Gänseblümchen in einer Wiese gefreut! ;)
    Liebe Grüße aus Wien

  5. These are lovely and such a surprise in February! Thanks for sharing these yellow beauties.

  6. so beautiful! keeping my eyes focussed for MY first spring sighting. however....I have LOTS of snow to melt first.

  7. Happy Springtime Uwe

    I hope you have a colourful year :o)


  8. Whaaat?! Spring already? Lucky happy you :)
    Such wonderful pictures. I can't wait for the spring to arrive. I want to capture this kind of beauty too!

  9. Oh it looks like spring has come in your country even though it is still February. The fifth and last photos are amazing! I love them. I have never planted crocuses in my garden but your pretty flowers made me want to plant some this autumn. I tried to take some photos of plum blossoms but a lot of branches have been damaged due to the heavy snow.

  10. Gorgeous! I can't wait to see such signs of Spring in my garden here in the US.

  11. We had easy winter too in Finland, no asow almost at all! Last 2 winter here has been so so much snow, but not this year.