Montag, 2. Dezember 2013

First Sunday in Advent

Hi, folks around the world!

Did you have an enjoyable first Sunday in Advent?

Is it possible that you already visited your first Christmas market in 2013 recent weekend???

For those of you who didn't had the chance to do so, I took some photos of a small but fine Christmas exhibition in the SOMMERHAUS RAHMENMANUFAKTUR, a picture frame manufacturer located in an historic building called Tautphoeus House in my hometown Bad Mergentheim.

Click on the link above to look at my digital photobook of the frame manufacturer!

Let's change to my favourite room of the Christmas exhibition - I called it the silver room.
I coulnd't stop taking photos of the table decorated with exquisite decorative objects all in silver, illuminated by the golden glow of the ceiling lamp.

OK, it's time to go downstairs again, passing the stag, back to the entrance hall...

...with the huge guardian angel!

Famous last words (?):
Whenever possible - use a tripod for indoor shooting, at least a monopod to work at available light and to prevent camera shake as good as possible!



  1. Nice Norway-pullover!! :D

  2. I wish I had visited this place! I would have gone crazy!
    Wonderful pictures, my friend.
    I bought myself many xmas decoration itens in Germany recently. I love the taste Germans/Europeans have!

  3. Norway wool cardigan!!! ;-)

  4. I took the photos right during the time when you visited Germany, dear Márcia. You see: one week in Deutschland was not enough. Next time you have to come world's famous Bad Mergentheim as well - to the center of Christmas decoration... ;-)

    By the way: did you browse through my digital photo book of Sommerhaus Rahmenmanufaktur I liked in this post???


  5. Germany does Good Christmas!

    We nearly saw the photographer reflected in the silver!

    Compliments of the season Uwe


  6. How beautiful!!

    Greetings from the Netherlands!

  7. ohhh.. Just gorgeous.. Thanks for your comment.. Cheers..

  8. Thank you all y'all for you kind comments, bloggers & friends from Northumberland, Holland and Spain!

  9. So interesting - and thanks for the visit!

  10. That's a beautiful building to hold everything for xmas, great photos too.

  11. Lovely! I visited a small Christmas market on Saturday. I love the small markets with hand made stuff.

  12. Your holiday market is much more elegant than ours around here. Love, love, love the silver close up shot! However, we actually begin the craft fairs for Xmas at the beginning of November. Amazing, I know. But they do it.

  13. What a beautiful spot. You have inspired me to visit a christmas market

  14. What beautiful Christmas decorations! I love the combination of silver and soft blue…

  15. No Christmas Market here. How boring we are. We did have a lovely first Sunday of Advent which I love. I would love to experience a European Christmas!

  16. So gorgeous and beautiful! This post conveys well your excitement of going shopping at the Christmas Market. No Christmas Market here. You are so lucky to have it there!! I was impressed particularly with the fourth photo! It's so lovely. Enjoy the Avent Season, YWB!!

  17. Wow! Especially the birds and the Kegel Warenkorb :-)

  18. I have no chance to go to the Christmas market or fair like you have in Germany. Many thanks for sharing. Your favorite silver room is fascinating and is like a room of Snow Queen if she had a room in Germany. It’s so wonderful that you could hold the camera steady with that posture. I wonder who took that photo?


  19. Besser spaet als nie: wie gut das ich nicht auf diesem Weihnachtsmarkt war , ich haette ratzfatz alles gekauft und wie haette ich es dann ueber die Grenze geschmuggelt?