Montag, 16. September 2013

Unwinding after work at Sweden

This new workweek we have lousy early autumn weather with cool temperatures, rainshowers and a grey, grey sky.

But not long time ago I had the pleasure to spend a (work-)week at our Swedish subsidiary southwest of Stockholm. It was the last great week in late summer with pleasurable temperatures and - in contrast to this week - blue, blue sky and plenty of sunshine.

One of my Swedish colleagues owns a nice cruiser and he invided us to an evening tour through the island world south of Södertälje.

Oh, sorry, that was the wrong boat.

Let's take this one... ;-)

We cruised for approx. have an hour with the boat to approach a very small rocky island...

...named Notholmen.

"Holmen" is Swedish and can be translated to "small island".

While my colleagues prepared a picnic...

...I started my "journey of discovery" over the whole island.
I took me approx five minutes to walk around the rock. ;-)

Sitting in the sun on a small island, talking in peace to my colleagues from Sweden, Denmark and Finland while enjoying the picnic was definitely the perfect way to unwind after work.

 After sunset...

...we left our rocky island again...

...and cruised back to our home port.

That was definitely one of the most relaxing and pleasurable after work parties I had during the last few years! Thanks a lot for this great experience, dear Swedish colleagues!


  1. Sounds like great fun, Uwe!
    I laughed a lot about the boat joke, (before reading the explanations of Herr Lustig I wondered why the heck your colleagues needed a stove for ha ha ha).
    I loved the photo you took from a window with the branches reflecting!

  2. Dear Márcia, Sweden is always worth visiting! Especially in summertime when the sun shines nearly all day long. And living somewhere on the lakeside or on the coast and enjoying the pleasures associated with this great luck leads to a significant increase of life quality in my humble opinion. Then it doesn't really matter anymore if you own a luxury cruiser or just a small rowing boat. By the way: a survey showed us recently that the happiest nation 2013 is the population of Swedens neighbour country Denmark (whyever). But the happiest blogger lady definitely comes from...??? ;-) Uwe.

  3. Looks like a great place to go on a picnic. The eighth, ninth, and the thirteenth photos are really nice! I particularly love the reflections on the glass window and on the wood pier.

  4. Love the image of the rope on the dock...the light is wonderful. What a great after-work get-together!

  5. Dear Sapphire,
    thanks a lot for your kind comment. The whole evening was "a perfect 10". I cannot remember one single point to worry about. Err, yes, one point perhaps: the time was a liitle too short, I would have had another one or two hours to explore the rocky island, to go swimming and just to sit in the evening sun. ;-)


  6. Thank you Evelyn, yes it was a great Swedish style after work get together tree weeks ago. And today I met several of my Swedish colleagues again at the EMO 2013, the world's largest exhibition in metalworking and machine tools at Hannover exhibition grounds, northern Germany.

  7. Looks very Finnish, lots of beer and sailing. :D And that oven in the boat...very unique. ;)

  8. Of couse it looks Finnish, Pieni, because we had Martti with us, a real and tough Finn... ;-)

  9. You perfectly showed us by this post how and why you unwound and relaxed yourself, Uwe. The cruise and picnic exclusively for men must have been wonderful. Have wonderful September ahead.


  10. You're an exact observer, Yoko! And for me it's essentially to slow down every now and then. And taking photos is (very often) like a meditation for me. Focussing the mind on a single object or picture, fading out the world around you, searchin for something particular - and striving for the best result/shot. And thereafter coming back to your community of people and participation in social life.
    Have a great upcoming weekend, Uwe.

  11. Das schaut ja nach einem gelungenen Ausflug mit netten Kollegen aus! Tolle Fotos! Das "Fensterfoto" und der Steg ... wunderschön!
    LG Mary
    PS: Die Biene ist auf einer Hortensie gelandet! :)