Samstag, 28. September 2013

Blue as blue can

or: SCHUNK on the leading international trade show for the machine tool industry - EMO 2013

Every two years the world's largest exhibition in metalworking, respectively the leading international trade show for the machine tool industry - the EMO Hannover 2013 - takes place.

So this trade show is right at the center of attention for the company I work for: SCHUNK.
And of course for the majority of our customers it's one of the most important events in the year.

Beside all the great technology I was able to explore there...'s always a great opportunity to meet colleagues and customers from all over the world!

Jack & woman customer from China

Sergio & customer from Brazil

HJ and customers from South Korea

HD & T.-san standing left and right side of a customer from Japan

My dear colleague Marcin from Poland...
...and many more I can't make mention of individually here in this post.

Something everybody should have at home: our Powerball Leight Weight Arm LWA 4P with servo-electrical gripper for stationary and mobile applications in the field of service robotics and industrial handling. In other words: programmed, installed and used correctly this modular 6-axis robot may clean up your home one day... ;-)

By the way: here's Jens Lehmann, former world-class goalkeeper and now our SCHUNK brand ambassador.

Over the period of the trade show week we gave 6000 footballs as a present for our esteemed customers.

Finally I perpetuated me and my hand next to our anthropomorphic (human-like) five-finger hand in this photo.

I hope you liked my short, but thoroughly blue tour of our SCHUNK booth on the EMO 2013...


  1. Das sieht nach harter Arbeit aus.....allein die Menschenansammlung waere zuviel fuer mich. Das letzte Photo gefaellt mir besonders.

  2. Ohne viele Menschen / Kunden lohnt sich der ganze (große!) Aufwand für eine Firma aber auch nicht. Solche Messen sind immer für alle Beteiligten eine Herausforderung, aber in der Regel eine, die einen am Ende auch wieder stark bereichert hat. Schnupfen inklusive... ;-)
    Gruß & schöne Wochen, Uwe.

  3. Wow, such a great international trade show! You must be proud of your company and to be part of it. The technology regarding holding or gripping is so superb. I remember the last time post about this. BTW, what does the blue color represent? I really love the color blue.


  4. Thanks a lot, Yoko, for your kind comment. What a pity you make a break from blogging, so many friends will definitely miss you and your soulfully posts!
    The blue colour is an important distinctive feature of our company CI (corporate identity). So it's not only blue what you see, it'S SCHUNK blue... ;-)
    Have a great week,

  5. Looks like Tony Stark's playroom. :D But where's Uwe? Are you always behind the camera just like I am?

  6. Yeah, our booth looks a little like Iron Man's playground. But we do not experiment or deal with weapons nor we have superheroes in our team.
    And with my photos it's very often like with yours, Pieni: You only see parts of the guy behind the camera like in the last photo. There you can see my shadowy head and my right hand next to the artificial hand. That's all... ;-)

  7. Very nice pictures of the great temple blue ... technology ...!

  8. Interesting, and I love all the blue -- even blue footballs! I can imagine how much energy was in this place!

  9. Come to think of it... everything is so blue except the last one !

  10. I had no time to redye my hand in blue before the shot, dear Wong.


    Thanks a lot for your notes, Leovi and Sharon!
    It was really a high-energy (sucking) trade show all week long.... ;-)


  11. Looks like a very interesting and exciting exhibition. The blues in this post are so beautiful. I particularly love the last photo. I think this is really something!!