Montag, 24. Juni 2013

Flap your wings!

Hi folks,
recent weekend I crawled around my favourite orchid meadon again.

But most of the ochids I found end of May and the beginning of June were already withered.
But I found two "new" orchids I newer saw before, because I never went orchid hunting end of June.

So if you are not yet fed up with looking at native orchids, here are my new arrivals:

This is Anacamptis pyramidalis, known as the Pyramidal Orchid, in German: Pyramiden-Hundswurz.

The arrangement of hermaphroditic flowers in a compact pyramidal shape is very distinctive
and gives the orchid its common name.

 This orchid is native to southwestern Eurasia, from western Europe through the Mediterranean region eastwards to Iran. In Germany, it is rare and was declared Orchid of the Year in 1990 to heighten awareness of this plant.

The second beauty I found on Sunday was...

...Gymnadenia conopsea / Fragrant Orchid / Muecken-Haendelwurz

This plant is quite common throughout northern Europe with the exception of the Dinaric Alps. 
In Asia it is common in areas to the north of the Himalayas.

But on Sunday there was much more to explore on my piece of dry grassland!

As far as I know this beautiful butterfly is called the Common Blue. 

In German the Polyommatus icarus species is known as Hauhechel-Bläuling and you find many of them on a stroll through the nature.

The yellow flower is a Inula hirta, in German Rauer Alant.
Large areas of the dry grassland were covered with it end of June.

But additionally to the Common Blue I took some pictures of two more butterflies:

Vanessa cardui, known as the Painted Lady, or in North America as the Cosmopolitan,
in Germany known as Distelfalter.

And even more beautiful (in my eyes) was...

...Argynnis adippe f. cleodexa = High Brown Fritillary, in German language: Feuriger Perlmutterfalter

Have a great and colourful workweek!

And flap your wings!



  1. Gorgeous orchids and lovely butterflies!

  2. So lovely photos once again! <3

  3. Amazing captures of the butterflies!

  4. So love that wonderful range of delicate flowers! And awesome macros of the butterflies!

  5. Good work , really like those closeups!

  6. Anonym25/6/13

    wow, this is (more than) heaven!

  7. Very pretty photos!
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. La la la la... I just cant get enough, I just cant get enough!
    I love your pictures, Uwe!
    Amazing shots!
    These butterflies are so awesome... How long did it take you to photograph them?
    Must have been hard work. Way to go my friend!

  9. What gorgeous shots indeed!

  10. Thanks a lot, ladies & gents, for your kind and friendly words!

    Marcia: it only took a 1/2500 second to take the butterflies... ;-)

    No, no, I took several shots of each butterfly with the telephoto lens (with an aperture between 2.8 and 4.5) out of a distance of about two meters, thereafter I cropped my best shots with PS and this is the final result you see.

    Have a great day!


  11. Breathtaking macro shots as always, Uwe. I smiled to imagine your crawling around the flowering meadow with a camera. The blue color of Common Blue is not common at all but uniquely nice blue.. so beautiful. I thought you used a macro lens but learned a telephoto lens. I usually use 14-140mm lens with an aperture between 4-5.6 and use EX Optical Zoom of my camera when necessary. I really want a fast lens.


  12. Dieser Kommentar wurde vom Autor entfernt.

  13. Dear Yoko, thanks a lot for your nice and competent comment! Strictly speaking my shots of orchids and butterflies are no real macros / close-ups, because close-up photography starts at an image ratio of 1:1 (or larger). For this shooting I used my NIKON DSLR with the telephoto lens. Unfortunately I don't have a "real" macro lens for the NIKON camera. But I have a great close-up lens for my older OLYMPUS DSLR. But last Sunday I just had my NIKON with the telephoto lens with me. It was too warm to drag around the whole equipment. And - YES - here and there I crawled around the meadow, as I wrote, to come closer to my objects of desire... ;-)
    German boys do this from time to time, but I never met a Japanese lady crawling around the meadow to take pictures. You can be the first one!!! ;-)) Just do it, Yoko

  14. Quite lovely - flowers and butterflies.

  15. Richtig toll! Wo hast Du diese Orchideen gefunden? Und der Schmetterling...toll! Ist dir aufgefallen das es in diesem Jahr weniger Schmetterlinge gibt?

  16. Nö, konnte ich noch nicht beobachten, dass weniger Flattermänner (und Flatterfrauen) als sonst unterwegs sind. Die Orchideen wachsen i.d.R. auf ungedüngten Trockenrasen, die es bei uns auf'm Land doch noch hier und da gibt. Einfach mal im Internet nach "einheimischen Orchdeen" forschen, vielleicht findest du bei dir um die Ecke auch ein Refugium, wo sie zwischen April und Juni, einige auch später, blühen.
    Gruß und schönes Wochenende,

  17. Nothing common about these beautiful images!

  18. Thanks a lot you all for your kind comments!

    Enjoy a great weekend, whereever you live!


  19. Wunderschöne Fotos! Die Schmetterlinge sind ein Traum! Toll!
    LG Mary