Dienstag, 2. April 2013

The very first German almond trees are in blossom

The Kaiserstuhl (literally: "Emperor’s Chair") is a range of hills in the state of Baden-Württemberg in southwest Germany with a maximum height of 556.6 metres (1,826 ft). It is of volcanic origin and located in the southwest of the state.

At the southern tip of the Kaiserstuhl you'll find Germany's hotspot, 
the region with the highest average temperatures. 

There we found three almond trees flourishing end of march 2013 while the rest of the trees and bushes have no greenery at all.


Winter hasn't finished yet in many parts of Germany, but here we found the very first touch of spring in Germany.


  1. Hello, Uwe! I like flowers on fruit trees but it’s first for me to see Almond blossoms. I’ve learned pink buds open into white flowers from your photos. The lovely white blossoms look floating in the icy air.

    I’ve read severe cold returned to Europe at the end of March, while spring came much earlier than I had expected in my part of the world. Now that you saw the blossoms, your spring will be just around the corner.


  2. Wow, lieber Uwe!!!
    Amazing pictures! I love specially the white tree among the grey/green field!
    Is this a vineyard?
    Super schön!

  3. Thanks a lot for your kind comments, Yoko and Marcia.

    @ Yoko: I'm really surprised to read from you that you obviously have no almond trees in Japan. Almond trees are cultivated around the Mediterranean Sea in a mild and warm climate. So they should perfectly grow in Middle and Southern Japan as well. They are the excepion of the rule in Germany among our fruit trees. There are only a few locaions in Germany where you find them, chiefly within the vineyards of some blessed regions in the south in the valley of the Rhine river with high average temperatures. Have a look to my last year's photos of the almond festival at Gimmeldingen:

  4. Hmm, something went wrong with my comment...
    ...so let's continue here with the lost part:

    Here's the link to the last year's almond festival at Gimmeldingen:


    And here from the almond bloom in 2011:


    So it depends on the species of almond if the blossom is mainly white with a pink center or if the petals are totally pink.

  5. @ Marcia: The Kaiserstuhl area is a very famous region for wine in Germany. The best Grauburgunder / pinos gris comes from there. So more or less 99,997% of the ground is covered with grapevine. The answer to your question is "YES".

    Enjoy your weekend!


  6. Wow! Your country looks so beautiful. Great shots. We still have to wait few months for apple trees blossoms etc.