Freitag, 19. April 2013

桜 Sakura - the flower of the Japanese Cherry in my hometown

Bad Mergentheim, spa gardens, today.

Japanese relief stele and Japanese Cherry trees sponsered by Bad Mergentheim's Japanese twin town
Fuefuki 笛吹市  in the Yamanashi Prefecture.

Who can translate the Japanese characters cut in the stele for me?

--> "Gift from Isawa, Japan, (on a happy day in) May, 1993"

Thanks, Sapphire & Yoko & Sarah!

The two cherry trees left and right side of the relief stele are short prior the full bloom.

While taking the photographs of the blossoms and petals I tried to put the focus on a suitable background for my prime motifs - what was not always a simple task because of unfavourable surroundings in our park.

The thought flashed through my mind that ...

... I should try out my flashlight to create a different atomsphere on the blossoms.

On the spring equinox
Clouds wander about
The entrance of a mountain temple.

- Iida Dakotsu -

Happy hanami - happy flower viewing!


  1. Oh wow!!!! So so beautiful!!! <3

  2. Your photos are really fascinating!! I'm so glad that the sakura trees from Isawa are blooming with such beautiful blossoms. 石和:Isawa is located in Yamanashi Prefecture and is famous for superb hot springs. 贈 means a gift. 日本国 means Japan. So, the inscription means "Gift from Isawa, Japan, May, 1993". I think that the cherry from Isawa is a type of double-flowered cherry, not Somei-Yoshino. The color pink is so beautiful and lovely. Thanks a lot for sharing these stunning photos! Have a great break!

  3. the Japanese characters cut in the stele means "Donated by Ishiwa Town, Japan. On a happy day in May, 1995."

  4. Hey Uwe,

    Your photography is getting better and better - wonderful photographs in all your recent posts. And lovely to see flowers - we still have very few in our cold corner of England.

  5. How magically beautiful! I’m glad to know that you share the same excitement about cherry blossoms with us Japanese. I haven’t used flashlight in shooting cherry blossoms but sometimes make it high-key or set WB in fluorescent light mode.

    The letters say the stone lantern was presented from 石和Isawa Town (in Fuefuki City), Japan, on a good day in May, 1993.


  6. I'm surprised Japanese cherry blossom are in your city and I'm glad. They are lovely pink not white.
    The carving means < This is presented from Ishiwa town in Japan on the lucky day of May in 1993>
    Have a nice weekend!

  7. Thanks a lot for your kind comments, blog friends from all over the world.
    After a two weeks break without telephone, WiFi or television I'm back in civilization again... ;-)

    I brought approx. 3500 new photos from my trip to ... with me ;-) stay tuned!

    And thank you again the translation of the Japanese characters on the lantern, friends from Japan!


  8. Hallo lieber Uwe!!!
    Ich bin zurück!!! Wie gehts???
    Wonderful pictures, as always. I loved the flash effect you created. One silly question, do this trees produce yummy cherries? Or just these gorgeous flowers?
    Cheers my friend!

  9. These are spectacular! Such gorgeous captures :)

  10. Those are beautiful I love that flower against the blue sky. Absolutely beautiful.

  11. Thanks a lot Ruth and Heather for your kind comments!

  12. I SOOOO love those cherry threes and wish we had those here. They are like dream so beautiful.
    Have a great weekend

  13. Next year, when they are again in full bloom, I will saw them down and send them to you to Finland... ;-)

    Does UPS ship them in one piece???



  14. Stunning! I am speechless:)

  15. Speechless? Can't belive, Jannibele!
    Never met a speechless lady... ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your nice comment.


  16. Kiitos, Gunilla!

    The flower of these two Japanese cherry trees in the spa gardens of my hometown is one of my favorites in springtime, too!

    Have a great weekend!


  17. Anonym24/5/13

    Great color and composition! Love every shot!

  18. Makes me so happy to get to visit all Floral Love participants.

    Now I would love to know why your Sakura looks so much more beautiful than mine :D

    I quess it's your talent :)

    Thanks for your flowers ♥ I sure love these!

  19. Cherry blossoms are so beautiful. I was fortunate enough to visit the Botanic Garden in Brooklyn, NY a year ago when the cherry trees were in bloom.

  20. Gorgeous sakura. Hope you'd find time to visit my Ixora.

  21. @ Sarah: I just took a look on your photography blog, so I know to appreciate your "subject-specific" compliment very much... ;-)
    Welcome, thanks for stopping by!

    @ Mona: You certainlyly know, dear Mona - "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"!
    In my opinion there's no more or less beautiful way of photography, but of course there's a personal style (depending on your personal preferences, skills, experience and tools) to express yourself by means of photography. I'm glad that you and I have a different way to shoot (more or less) the same motif.
    In other words: Yes, it's my talent! ;-))

    @ Evelyn: Thanks a lot for your kind comment, dear fellow blogger from the other side of the big pond. I never used the technique to combine / to edit my photos with a texture. Perhaps I'll try out one day...
    ...would you think my photos will improve if I use a texture additionally?

    @ Modern Mom: I never heard of the plant called IXORA before you came into my life... ;-) This is definitely not species of flower/tree/shrub growing in our latitudes. There are many other names for this plant, but especially the "Jungle flame" tells me that this is no species native in Central Europe. Where did you take these blossoms?