Sonntag, 14. April 2013

Into the deep blue sea...

...of technology!

 This is what I fiddle with if I don't take photos of florets... ;-)

Hannover Messe / Trade Show of Technology 2013 - Lead theme: Integrated Industry

8 - 12 April 2013

Booth of the No. 1 in clamping technology and gripping systems: SCHUNK.

30 years of SCHUNK grippers.
The worldwide benchmark in industrial robot hands.

SCHUNK presented its historic milestones from the first industrial gripper to the 5-finger hand, and the latest innovations in the field of gripping and automation. 

 Technology - Goalkeeper Talk at the SCHUNK booth of the Hannover Show.

The SCHUNK "locker room" - our reception room for VIPs and guests.

Visit of Baden-Wuerttemberg's minister for finance and economic affairs and deputy prime minister Dr. Nils Schmid in our lobby.

Customer's photo shooting with world-class goalkeeper Jens Lehmann - the SCHUNK brand ambassador.

 Everybody was able to spectate at the photoshoot... on the videowall.

Exhibition stand of the German robot manufacturer KUKA, one of the most innovative makers of industrial robots.


  1. Oh..looks very cool and interesting! But deep blue sea.oh how I hated that Renny Harling (Finnish) movie. :-P

  2. How cool! Were you part of this, Uwe? We seem to be on the technological innovation highway. The deep blue world of technology and the shades of pink world of nature in the next post, both are indispensable to us to sustain our wellbeing.


  3. Dear Yoko,
    of course I was part of the deep blue Schunk universe in clamping technology and gripping systems. Who do you think took the photos??? The company of SCHUNK is my employer, this is the field of technology I fiddle with. Our Japanese subsidiary in Ota-ku, in the south-east of Tokyo, offers and sells these solutions all over Japan, too.
    Enjoy your weekend,