Samstag, 23. März 2013

In the early days of digital photography

Yeah, NIKON E990,
my first digital camera bought in Juli 2000.

 It was more expensive than several of the DSLR of today!!

--> the full performance of 3 Megapixel... ;-)

June 2001 - Eichenzell palace
so already 12 years ago!


  1. Beautiful!

    At the time of the advent of new things, prices are always high. These photos teach us the quality of photos doesn’t depend on the advanced technology but the person with wonderful inner eyes plus skills.

    Enjoy your spring.


  2. Thanks ladies from Japan and Finland for your pleasant words!

    Happy Easter!


  3. Love the color in these pics! :-)

    And hey - you should absolutely come THIS way instead:

  4. Really beautiful!! This is the first time I've ever seen those flowers.

    So, you are a Nikon user. me too.

  5. Hej Tinajo,

    after the Easter weekend, after my business trip to Slovenia and after my following trip to the Hannover exhibition show I'll hopefully find some time to cast a detailed glance on your new blog...
    ...cause curiosity is my second name!
    Happy Easter to you, your hubby and your rascals.

  6. Dear Sapphire,
    you and I and many other insiders know: Nikon photographers are a class of their own! ;-))

    And: Germans and the Japanese have many things in common, not only the passion for photography and a great camera system...

    Have a great and pleasant (Easter) weekend! Do you celebrate the Easter festival in Japan, too???


  7. Hi

    I've just read your recent posts and found your "Happy Ester" photo (the window) really lovely. I love that.
    And I was impressed that you used a black background for the almond blossoms. I recently took some still life photos of a red rose. The background was white and I'm afraid it didn't go very well.

    As for the Easter Festival, most Japanese people don't celebrate it but Japanese Christians of course celebrate it. I made some potato salad for the church assembly on Easter though the potato salad may sound odd to you...

  8. A red rose and a black background matches perfectly, dear Sapphire. Just try out! I used a black blanket / spread and put it over the back of a chair, then we put the vase on the chair's seating surface. That was all.