Freitag, 18. Januar 2013

My everyday drive through winter wonderland

Since one week we have got plenty of snow in our region.

So every morning and every evening I have to drive through the darkness on snow-covered roads on my way to work and back home.

In the meanwhile the guys from the snow-plowing service have cleaned most of the motorways and ordinary highways, so that the daily trip is a bit less exciting compared to the days with continuous snowfall.

This afternoon I finished my work a bit earlier than usual, so I had the chance to take a break in a wintery snowy forest area - just to relax and to to put some daylight between myself and the work.

Fortunately I had my camera with me, so I was able to take some snow shots.


By the way: yesterday my faithful VW Golf - I call tenderly my Red Porsche Killer - celebrated a rare occurrance...

...cast a glance on my mileometer / Kilometerzähler!



  1. Ordinary for you BUT I like to have that experience !

  2. Beautiful shots, Uwe!
    How cold was that? -555555 C?

  3. Oh I wish I had told you that I was leaving the blog.. Then I'd have a cake now ;)

    Thank you Uwe for all your kind words..
    I'm so happy to hear you've been inspired by my posts.

    I hope you're right about meeting twice. I need the break, but I'm pretty sure I'll miss it and come back one day. Somehow.

    Have a great Tuesday!

  4. Beautiful, magical wonderland of snow! Do you know how I’m longing for it? Your Red Porsche Killer is so charming. What does “555555” mean? Drive carefully on the eisbahn.


  5. What "555.555" means on the mileometer / (German: Kilometerzähler) of my car?
    As far as I know Japanese cars have the same indicators for distance covered as German ones.
    So: Within the recent 11 years and 4 month I've driven 555.555 kilometers with my "red Porsche Killer", dear Yoko! ;-)


  6. You drove about 50000 kilometers a year on average in the past 11 years? Wow!

  7. I still (have to) drive approx. 50.000 km per year, dear Yoko.
    Germany is a country of individualists, a country of car drivers, and I (have to) spend at least two hours each day in my beloved (?) and always faithful (!) wheels!
    Hopefully my next milestone / intermediate goal with my Red Porsche Killer will be the distance from Earth to Moon (384401 km) and back (2x 384401 km = 768802 km!!!). We take it from there.


  8. a long time ago, don't you think!?
    i've made the same thing with the elycopter in the USA and it was amazing.
    unfortunately nowadays almost everything is touristic...

  9. It was me flying the helicopter in those days, but as you already mentioned, it's already long ago!


    But this is nothing to worry about! Nowadays I do low flying with my Red Porsche Killer... ;-))

    Thaqnks for stopping by, Selene.


  10. I guess it must be dangerous to drive a car, even your Red Porsche Killer, on snowy roads. But how serene and tranquil!! Oh, just beautiful!!
    % days ago Nara had snow in the morning . It melted in the afternoon.
    Recently, I remembered you. I have been using Fissler pressure cooker for more than 20 years. It has cooked brown rice everyday. After twenty years or something, I needed to replaces two small parts of the cooker with new ones. I could get parts in four days!! My model is old one. Now they are selling third model(?) of the pressure cooker. I had thought I would not have been able to get the parts, but I could! I really love products made in Germany!!

  11. It's heavy snow but beautiful.
    Your car must wear good tires. I can't drive on the snow because of sliding.
    Have a nice weekend!

  12. Thanks a lot ladies, for your comments.

    In Germany we have to use special winter/snow tyres. They are softer and have much more grip/profile compared to our normal summer tyres.


    I can remember the Fissler pressure cooker very well. My mother and my grandmother used one - they were part of our family! ;-)
    We don't own one, but I'm sure you find them in many German households as well.

    Enjoy your weekend and take care driving when you get snow on your Japanese roads.


  13. beautiful snowy shots indeed. Love the one with the red vw, as it contrasts beautifully with the snow