Freitag, 19. Oktober 2012

The different faces of Tübingen

Have you ever been to the lovely German university town Tübingen?


--> That's a mistake!

Tübingen, situated 30 km south of Stuttgart in central Baden-Württemberg, is really worth visiting.

Please cast a glance on some of the beautiful sites of this traditional university town I took recently...

View from the Neckar bridge to the Neckarfront with the steeple of the Stiftskirche (Collegiate Church) and the house including the adjoining small yellow tower where the poet Friedrich Hölderlin lived for the last 36 years of his life.

Same view as before, three hours later.
Obviously Hölderlin was at home at the time of the shot... ;-)

But Tübingen has much more to offer than a picturesque old town. 

In 2011 25.800 of the 89.000 inhabitants were students. So you can find a plenty of unique taverns or coffee houses and a rich and great variety of individuell shops apart from the big department store chains.

...and many traces of "free spirit" manners of expression:

--> together with red wine: sausage in curry sauce ;-)

Have you ever seen a "composition" of bills showing the current President  mass murderer of Syria Bashar al-Assad and the American actor Humphrey Bogart?
Obviously the degree of destruction of Assad's poster is an indicator for his popularity and additionally a gauge and metaphor for the desolate condition of his country.

But back to the more beautiful sites of Tübingen...

Autumnal atmosphere under a red sunshade in the old town in the late afternoon and...

...old-fashioned, but wonderful neon signs in the early evening light.

Did you like my short trip through Tübingen?

Market square with Tübingen town hall.

CU at Tübingen... ;-)

Take your camera with you...!


  1. Your photos tell me Tubingen is the place I’m looking after in Germany. I’ll put it on my agenda if I have another chance to travel to Germany. Heidelberg is also a university town, right? The several shots of night view are terrific! I see few people on the street. I wonder how late it was. Thanks for taking us with you to this lovely tour.


  2. Dear Yoko! I took the photos while strolling through Tuebingen in the early Wednesday evening between 5:30 und 7:00 pm - so right before, during and after sunset. Most of the shops close at 6:30 in the evening. Tübingen, although an university town with more than 25000 students, is not so overcrowded like Tokyo around Shibuya station. Most of the people living there were already at home or visiting one of the many restaurants or inns at 7:00 pm.

  3. ...just take an aircraft and come to Germany. It's never too late to start a second (or third) degree... ;-)
    I saw many students with Chinese roots in Tuebingen during my evening stroll! And many from other nations, too. So you'll certainly feel comfortably.


  4. The street reminded me of "Playmobil" which was my son's favorite toy series. He had a lot of "Playmobil". Among them there was a house very similar to the houses in your photos. The toy house seemed as if it had come from a fairyland.
    Especially I love the photo of autumn leaves' red shadows. So fantastic and aesthetic!
    wishing you a great autumn day!

  5. Yes, Uwe. It was a mistake not to visit Tübingen.
    Gosh I miss Germany. I miss walking around at night, fancing the romantic houses and cobblestone streets...
    I loved all the pictures you took. Great sensibility. For a short while I travelled back to my beautiful Deutschland. Thanks for the ride!
    Ah, the Blumen were indeed German. What an eye you have!

  6. Thanks, ladies from both sides of planet Earth, for your kind comments!
    CU at Tuebingen...:-)

  7. Hi Uwe

    I love your urban portraits because I live in the countryside and don't see the city lights very often!
    Happy Autumn!


  8. Beautiful Photographic travel...