Donnerstag, 6. September 2012

Tokyo's toy dogs

A dog has an owner. A cat has staff.

This motto obviously doesn't go for this buggy full of toy poodles I took on Obaida island in front of the Fuji TV building. They seem to have their personal slave and buggy pusher with them...
...and even a warm admirer.

At a first glance this buggy is full up with six toy dogs. 
But looking on the rear side...

...I even found another two Yorkshire Terriers... ;-)

Only several meters away, inside one of the 142 Starbucks Coffeeshops of Tokyo, I saw this puppy inside a girl's handbag.

Another dog buggy pusher in front of Harajuku station.

This seems to be a very popular weekend leisure-time activity in Tokyo.
I never saw something similar at Germany.
Never ever.... :-) 

One of the fastest dog transporters of Tokyo...


  1. A laugh escaped my lips, Uwe. I never saw something similar in my part of the world, either. I wonder why they don’t walk them? Because leashes would tangle with so many dogs? A jam-packed train/bus/cart looks special to Tokyo. Fabulous shots!


  2. I came back with this idea: maybe Toy Poodles and Yorkshire Terriers were going to show up at a TV program of Fuji TV?

  3. In the fashionable buggy are 8 dogs! Carrying small dogs in a buggy is a kind of vogue??? Or is there any gathering for owners of small dogs? One thing I am very sure is that he is rich. Because the hair of 8 dogs are neatly trimmed and most of them are dressed. .
    Oh, anyway Tokyo is a really mega city ! There live some people whom I can never understand and what they are doing. I am just open-mouthed. (^0^)
    This is the first time to see something like this. Thanks a lot for sharing interesting shots.

  4. Thanks for your comments, ladies!

    I can very well image that this "style" to provide for a family of dogs isn't widely spread all over Japan, it's more a thing of some eccentric city slickers... may find in some other metropolises of this planet as well!

    Have a great and pleasant start in the new week!


  5. I've never seen such lovely scene. But I have seen a interesting scean that a woman took a cat leashed for a walk.
    My favorite is dogs on the bike. They don't fall from the bike,I wonder.