Sonntag, 16. September 2012

Beginning of fall in the Japanese Garden of Wolfsgarten palace

Schloss Wolfsgarten, Langen, Germany,
recent weekend.

Schloß Wolfsgarten is a former hunting seat of the ruling family of Hesse-Damstadt, approx. 15 km south of Frankfurt am Main.
In the twentieth century, Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig extensively modernized Schloß Wolfsgarten and rearranged its park.

The 100-year-old Japanese Garden was restored in 2011and newly opened on the occasion of the "Japantag" within the Royal Garden Festival / Fürstliches Gartenfest at Schloss Wolfsgarten.

The Japanese Garden with a big water lily pond in its center accomodates various old dawn redwood and Japanese maple trees with the slender leaves. They change their colour from green to yellow into dark red during the autumn season. This process is right now in full swing.

The property and its garden is open to the public only on two weekends in May during the annual Rhododendrenblüte / Rhododendron festival and again for a weekend in September for the The Schloss Wolfsgarten Garden Festival

Have a great start into an inspiring and colourful new (work) week!


  1. Hi, Uwe! It was hot and humid yesterday, however, I could feel cool breeze in the shade. I hope today’s rain will bring cooler weather on. Your season seems to be much ahead of mine. When I travelled to Germany, landing Frankfurt and moving south to enter Austria, at the end of October, I saw only yellow leaves and wondered if there were no red leaves. The changing colors of leaves is fabulous and the arched bridge with slight German twist is beautiful with the reflections. (You know I’m particular about reflections on the water.)


  2. Yes, our autumnal colour is yellow, not (too much) red. Most of the leaves of German broad-leaved trees and shrubs chance their colour from green to bright yellow. The colour chance into red is mainly reserved to the Japanese maple trees. And they are not very common in Central Europe with the exception of Japanese Gardens like the one I know in the park of Wolfsgarten palace.

  3. Hallo Uwe!
    Wonderful pictures! Last year I was in Germany when Herbst coloured the landscape with amazing yellowish and redish tones!
    Great to see a splash of German Autumm hier!

  4. Hello Marcia,

    thanks for your message! Currently autumn starts to colourize the leaves again here in my corner of planet Earth. I think, that's totally different in Brazil right now. You should get springtime, but probably you have a kind of summer for more or less 12 months???
    Have a nice day !

  5. Some of my favorite trees! Wonderful photos.

  6. I just love Japanese gardens! These pictures are gorgeous!

  7. Thanks a lot for your comments, US ladies! ;-)


  8. Autumn is all about color!