Montag, 13. August 2012

The perfect wave!?

Hoernum Odde - the southern tip of the island of Sylt, where the open sea meets the Wadden Sea. 
Twice a day you have high and low tide - business as usual.

  But when the water from the Wadden Sea runs out into open sea direction and meets the open sea waves in combination with strong westerly winds coming from the reverse direction, you'll see this special scenario.
It's like the North Sea is on the boil...

...and sometimes miraculous waves emerge and forge sweeping shapes for the split of a second.

Top and bottom: Two photographs of the same wave, just a blink of the eye between both pictures.

And these are my favourites of the photo shooting...

[ exposure time 1/8000 sec., aperture 6.3, ISO 800
to flash-freeze the scene.

At the same time, just in the rear of the wave spectacle:
peace and silence at the Wadden Sea at the harbour of Hoernum shielded by the dunes!


  1. Great shots from the sunny side of the N sea! spectacular waves beautifully photographed. Hope you had a good holiday. Andy

  2. Being at the North Sea coast is always simply great - doesn't matter if you are on holiday or if you "just" live there, doesn't matter if the sun shines or not, as you certainly know, Andy!

    (OK, having sunshine is really a wee bit better... ;-)


  3. Hi,
    Dramatic and dynamic waves!! They seem as if water were fighting against winds!The scenery of the waves are the spectacular pageant of nature.
    Nara is a basin surrounded by mountains, so I do not have many chances to see the sea. Thanks a lot to take me to such an exciting tour!

  4. Stardust wrote:
    Perfect shots of perfect waves, Uwe! Waves, which are tossing, breaking, splitting, and scattering, are frozen in the moment. The silvery spray into the air is fascinating.