Dienstag, 10. Juli 2012

Impressions from Aarsdale

Aarsdale (also: Årsdale) is a village on the eastern coast of the Baltic island of Bornholm, Denmark. Located between Svaneke and Nexø, it has a population of 461. Once a prosperous fishing village, its economy now relies mainly on tourism thanks to its half-timbered houses, its harbour and its windmill.

Welcome to Aarsdale... ;-)

Aarsdale havn - Aarsdale harbour

Codfish trawler after the haul.

Souvenier postcard from Aarsdale Silderøgeri / smoke house

The eight-sided Dutch windmill (1877) close to the main road at the southern end of the village is a local landmark. It is the only windmill on the island which has been in constant operation since it was built serving three genrations of the Mikkelsen family. Flour production is now for private use only.


  1. How cute! It’s a nice way to be welcomed, Uwe! On this island, everything looks simple, unaffected, and charming in colors. The windmill is beautiful. The rocks create special atmosphere at the beach. Thanks for sharing.


  2. There are many lovely things in this island,sociable dogs,boats like toys,beautiful lighthouse etc.
    This island in Denmark is popular to you ,I wonder?

  3. Thanks for your comments, ladies!
    Of course you may call the dogs sociable, but I would rather call them yappy little dogs or just barkers... :-)
    It was the first time I was on the island of Bornholm for vacation and it's really a wonderful and peaceful place to spend some recreative days. Everything and every place is so cheerful and tidied up and here are so many enchanting and magic locations to explore...