Dienstag, 12. Juni 2012

flintstone 'n' driftwood

Finds at the chalk coast of Sassnitz, Rugia / Rügen...

...designed, created and arranged (mainly) by nature.


  1. Natures random arrangements never stop to amze me!

  2. Nature's art is subtle and dynamic at the same time and nature’s design is diverse and is never the same. I like your focus, all your photos are stunning.


  3. Naure is a genius. Nature spends a lot of time to create its unique art works. They look nostalgic and soothing even though they have been going through hardness of life in nature.
    I love these photos. Have a great week!

  4. 谢谢 [xièxie] and ありがとう [domo arigatô] for your comments!


  5. The chalk coast is beautiful. The mighty works of nature are wonderful.
    I saw your blog about wisteria of the flat. I have never seen such blue rain that grows on the concrete building. I think the vital energies of wisteria is strong and your neighbor is taking care of it very well.
    The blue rain on the white building is very beautiful!

  6. Are these taken with the HX20, or do you have the images of the HX20. I just check some review, seems promising !