Freitag, 4. Mai 2012

May impressions

Any idea why spring is my favourite season of the year???

The maypole in the little village of Auernhofen, Franconia.

Dandelion bloom versus flourishing apple trees

explosion of the apple blossoms - either in white or in red

May 1 at Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Nearly no tourists, although we had "Kaiserwetter" ( = glorious, sunny weather) all day long. Instead of the tourists from all over the world I was able to take all the "standard tourist photographs" 85% of all Japanese tourists have in their photo albums as well... ;-)

Rothenburg's most popular panorama view - remarkably without any tourists at the photo spot

Flieder - lilac - Syringa vulgaris - the flowering deciduous shrubs with the fragrant flowers

cherry bloosom of a Japanese flowering cherry / Zierkirsche... the riverbank of the Tauber


  1. Glorious and beautiful, your spring is! Your photos took my breath away. I’ve travelled Romantic Road to Retenbuug, I loved charming medieval towns along the road.

    Thanks for your visit and become a Friend. Nice to hear that you’ve been to Kamakura. It’s a nice place with mountains and the sea at hand and with nice Zen temples.

    Greetings from Japan

  2. Such a cruelty and tragedy must not be repeated by all means.


  3. Hi Uwe, You are having a much more blue sky kind of a Spring than us. My b/w photos today are very drab compared to these!

    Hope you are staying cool (that's a pun in English for you)


  4. The beauty of the flowers transcends everything, borders, nationality and more.
    How charming your photos are!