Samstag, 28. April 2012

Lauffen hillside vineyards in April

Friday's day work finished.
Sunshine ordered.

Camera taken.
Vineyard climbed.

Snail shells of escargot (Helix pomatia / Weinbergschnecke), purple rock cress (Aubrieta deltoidea / Blaukissen) and "Basket of Gold" (Aurinia saxatilis / goldgelbes Steinkraut).

The buds of the grapevine have already sprouted and the first new shots and leaves stretch themselves towards the sunlight.

The air temperature outside the hillside vineyards was approx. 21°C that afternoon.

But as soon as I went into the vineyard and started to climb the steep steps, I felt like I was in a totally different climate zone. With the sun shining on the walls of the rock garden and on my neck the felt temperature was somehow near 35°C...

Have a great and sunny weekend!

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