Mittwoch, 25. April 2012

It's not a trick, it's a...

...Sony Center!

Berlin, Potsdamer Platz.

Multicoloured, exciting, different, photogenic.

The illumination of the Sony Center roof was implemented by the Parisian Lighting Artist Yann Kersalé. 

His idea was to underline the spectacular roof construction of steel, glass and fabric.

Kersale’s vision was to have clear glass and translucent fabric reflecting the daylight as well as the moonlight in a very extraordinary way.


  1. I’ve never seen like this. I’m mesmerized by the brilliant urban art of illumination. The architecture itself is interesting, and I wonder what it’s like in the daytime.

    Thanks for the latest comment and the introduction of the poem “Grass”. It reminded me of the haiku poem by Basho:
    夏草や兵どもが夢の跡 /The summer grass- It is all that's left of ancient warriors dreams


  2. During daylight Berlin's Sony Center is (in my humble opinion) not half as exciting as with its night illumination.
    Nevertheless: Germany's capital Berlin is always worth visiting. Have you ever been to Germany, Yoko?