Montag, 13. Februar 2012


Sunday - all day long.
Sunshine - more than enough.
Sky - deep blue.
Leisure time - plenty.
Sunday stroll through Würzburg- Franconia's gem in the northern tip of Bavaria.

What more could a heart desire?

View from the Festung (fortress) Marienberg to the Old Main Bridge, finished 1488, in the front.

On my right-hand side the Käppele, a small Baroque/Rococo chapel by Balthasar Neumann on a hill opposite to the fortress.

Statuary of saints and sovereigns on the Old Main Bride with the tower of the old town hall and  one of the steeples of the Würzburg Cathedral (Würzburger Dom St. Kilian)

The "Alter Kranen" (the old crane, from the year 1773) on the right-hand riverside. 

View from the "Friedensbrücke" in direction of the old crane and the Old Main Bridge.

The river Main was not totally frozen along Würzburg city because of the weir under the Old Main Bridge accompanied by the faster stream velocity.

But in areas with lower current velocity the ice gained the upper hand.

Obviously we were not the only sun worshipper on Sunday afternoon...

Cormorant sun-curing its feathering after a dive.

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