Donnerstag, 1. September 2011

summer impressions II

Sylt summer of '69???

--> My attempt to coat this photo from this year's summer with a little patina !!!
And: No - this is NOT a photo taken with a "pixel catching device" like an iPhone...
...this scene is captured with a "real" camera... ;-))

***   ***    ***   ***   ***

The beach near Kampen, Sylt at the same day:

Kampen cliff and smooth beach life...
...the same photo in two different steps of editing.

As far as I know: Atlantic jackknife clam (Amerikanische Scheidenmuschel),
arranged in the sandy dunes.

Shells of the common whelk (Wellhornschnecke) hanging around...

Easy beach life.

1 Kommentar:

  1. Looove the pics of shells, gorgeous!

    Regarding my todays's post; Of course I donät mean to erase everything regularly..
    My point is that I agree with the poster on not always following rules to the letter.. Sometimes it's good to start over i a way, in order to get a creative, unique and personal result.. Experiment in a sence..
    It's about the rules, not memories, that's a total different thing..

    It's very impressinve that you're so eager with your camera.. I wish I was too... But I'm too lazy :(

    Have a great weekend, you too!