Montag, 18. Juli 2011

Rhinos: Have you ever thought about a career as a...

...coat hook???

Don't leave this job exclusively to horses, deer or goats!

Just say: "Yes, we can" (as well)!

Some may say it's not the right job for such a mighty animal.

But being flexible according modern job requirements means to look for new opportunities.

Undertake a leading part in households of stylistically (un)confident yuppies and meet new friends!




  1. Hahaha, funny comment at my blog today. No, we don't have many hippos in Sweden looking for alternative jobs.. Not that I know of anyways...

    I hope you found my blog inspiring enough to come back ;)

    Have a great Monday.


  2. You're too funny. You made me laugh again!

    I guess I got confused by your confusion to call a rhino a hippo ;) I know very well the difference..

    Anyhow, an inspiring day to you too. Thank you for your good spirit!