Freitag, 22. Juli 2011

It happend recently in Rothenburg...

This is one of the typical views of Rothenburg, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Germany.

In the lower right-hand corner of my photo you can see a part of the river Tauber. At the time of the shot the river Tauber had a very low level of water. 
On one of the bigger stones of the river bed I saw her.

BARBIE. Sunbathing. As created by natur. Respectively created by Mattel Inc..

Even a piece of plastic can exalt your imagination, can't it?!


Let's consult the god of snails what this finding means...

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. thank you for the nice quote today.

  2. I've been there with my parents, but sadly Barbie wasn't around.