Montag, 20. Juni 2011

Torre Agbar - "El pene de Barcelona"

Definitely one of Barcelonas most spectacular buildings of the modern period - La Torre Agbar - also  popularly known as "el pene de Barcelona " - the penis of Barcelona because of its phallic shape.

The 38-storey tower with a total height of 144.4 m is located between Avinguda Diagonal and Carrer Badajoz, near Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes, which marks the gateway to the new technological district of Barcelona.

Unfortunately the building is not publicly accessible, it's owned by the multinational group Agbar which has its corporate headquarters in the building and that takes up most of the floors.

Its design combines a number of different architectural concepts, resulting in a striking structure built with reinforced concrete, covered with a fascade of glass, and over 4,500 window openings cut out of the structural concrete. 

A defining feature of the building is its nocturnal illumination. It has 4,500 LED luminous devices that allow generation of luminous images in the façade.

Without my tripod I clamped my camera next to one of the benches of the pedestrian area in the middle of Avinguda Diagonal - to get some acceptable night shots.

By switching the towers environments into black and white with a little help of Photoshop the colours of Torre Agbar shine even brighter within the monochrome surrounding.

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