Freitag, 14. Januar 2011

Sylt's gloaming houses

Does anybody know a piece of poetry or just a tale that fits to my photos?

5th January 2011: On a walk from Sylt's famous coffee house "Kupferkanne" (= copper pot) back to our car at the other end of the village. The sun set very fast behind the horizon and the mixture out of overcast sky, blanket of snow and the yellow lights of the street lamps and in the house's windows performed a magic light in the silent streets of Kampen in the January late afternoon.

Unfortunately I did not had a tripod with me. So I had to find "natural tripods" (--> lamp posts, waste bins, ...) to hold the long exposure times. These two pictures are the best two out of a series of 15 images I took.


  1. Simply beautiful! You have captured the magical feel of the time and place.

  2. The type of house in the last pic really reminds me of Holland in the winter (I originally come from there)! You caught the right mood:)
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Such very beautiful night scenes!

  4. Beautiful shots! Reminds me of something out of an old childern's story.

  5. Oh my, super perfect shots! I'd certainly go with my most loved song "Angels" from Robbie Williams...