Montag, 24. Januar 2011

Prisoner of the folding bicycle

Mainz, capital of the German federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate, Saturday, 22 January 2011:

Anxiety propagated among the local stuffed animals.
One of theirs was kidnapped. Freddy, the green zippered mouth stuffed frog.

Kidnapped by Ernie, the eerie orange folding bicycle.

For hours nobody knew where Freddy could be.

Then I found him. Direct in front of the Gutenberg Museum.

 Freddy doesn't look very happy, does he?

I detained the orange folding bicycle immidiately with a bike lock and informed the Mainz police.

They sent a "Meenzer" rapide response team and rescued Freddy... ;-)

Häppi Änd.


  1. Häppi reading about folding bike story;)

  2. So goofy! Looks like Freddy couldn't breathe. Good hearing from you, Uwe, have a wonderful week!