Sonntag, 28. November 2010

Winter arrived at Germany!

In the past week winter definitely arrived in many parts of Germany.

We had the first snowfall on Monday morning, right on a car trip to the Swabian mountains.
On board I had three colleagues. Two from China, one from Southern India. 

For our colleague from India it was the first time in life he came in contact with the white powder called snow.
So we made a stopover on the heights of the Swabian mountains and enjoyed the first snow of the winter season 2010 / 2011.

 Three days ago we had snowfall again, this time even in low-lying areas.

 On Saturday we set out for a Christmas market in a forest of the Spessart, a low mountain range in northwestern Bavaria.

The fresh swowfall one day ago ensured a perfect winter scene for that event.

I didn't know that even Picasso painted one of his artworks on a stub of a tree in this region - or was it a gifted woodman??? ;-)

The life insurance in the winter forest at -4°C - several bonfires that warm up body and soul...

Eye-to-eye with the wild beast... ;-))

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  1. Ohh my, so beautiful views! I wish we could have some snow with the arrival of Noel. But we are expected that late summer will continue yet, next week it'll be ~25 degrees. Enjoy your 'real' winter days:)