Samstag, 13. November 2010


Is that you, Wolfgang and Friedrich?

Or: memorial in front of the dating agency???

thou art.

railroad [Am.] / railway [Br.] crossing with gates.


  1. Anonym14/11/10

    Obviously, you are a talented photographer.

    What caught my attention now is this Orthodox church: the mixture of shades and colours. The nearly-grainy texture of the domes is striking.

    (I almost feel like asking exactly where on earth this one was taken...)

    Thanks for sharing all those great photographs!!!

    By: a fellow contributor

  2. The Orthodox church is, as the title of my post tells you, dear fellow contributor, at Weimar, Germany.
    More exactly: It's the Russian Orthodox church of Saint Maria Magdalena on the historic cemetery of Weimar.

    Regards, Uwe.