Sonntag, 17. Oktober 2010

The sky is the limit.

Sankt Peter Ording beach - most exceptional in Europe!

--> panorama photo composed of four landscape format pictures...

By the way: That's what we call a blue sky!

 Power source I -  the (parafoil) kite.
Power source II: wind from NO, wind speed 5-6 Beaufort.

Kite(-powered) buggy on the endless beach of Sankt Peter-Ording with one of the characteristic stilt houses in the background.

Traces of a cornering buggy on the sandy beach.

Kites in the sky...

...and the attached buggies & buggiers!

Thrilling fights for the top positions in front of the "skyline" of Sankt Peter-Ording (district) Bad.

The base camp of the kite buggiers.

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