Donnerstag, 30. September 2010

AMB 2010 at Stuttgart - international exhibition of metalworking

Hall 1 - AMB 2010  - panorama view

The route to the world of toolholding, workholding and automation...

The SCHUNK exhibition stand - stay in the blue zone.

lathe chucks, magnetic chucks, steady rests & chuck jaws for workholding in turning processes

 toolholder technology  - hydraulic expansion technology, polygonal clamping technology and universal toolholding systems  - for toolholding in cutting processes as well as chucks for tool grinding.
... to be continued ...


  1. I'm no engineer but these machined parts have a compelling beauty to them. The photos make we want to pick them up and rotate them to feel the quality of the bearings.

    No wonder Germany is famous for engineering.

    "Schunk" still makes me giggle though...

  2. I ever knew that my addressing has been wrong. No any seat for me at Schunk? Great post. I like your tech-related posts much more.