Donnerstag, 29. Juli 2010

Summer memories...

...from Sylt summer 2000 & 2001.

When digital photography was still "fresh & young" to me.

And digital cameras had a maximum resolution of 3 Mpixel! ;-)
(Good old NIKON Coolpix 990... ;-)

View out of one of the windows of the SANSIBAR, the famous beach restaurant in the dunes south of Rantum.

Three red gerberas - taken in the tea house "Teehüs" in Keitum.
A charming little tea house that survived just two or three summers before it had to close its doors forever.

Painter sitting in the Munkmarsch harbour area, capturing a tideland scene at low water.
In the far right you see / vaguely recognize the steeple of the the Keitum church "St. Severin".

Sunset in the North Sea floods in front of the "Brandenburger Strand" at Westerland.

Enjoy your summer 2010!
And keep your recent summers in good memory!


  1. Love love love the top pic here!
    You are right about my camera, I have a ton to learn. Should keep me quite occupied during the long cold months ahead!

  2. i love these photos. i want to invest in a dslr, but for now i play around with my canon point and shoot. i get pretty great pictures with it. my favorites are the one with the candles and the gerbera ones =]

    ps. love the slideshow you have going on the side. great shots!