Dienstag, 4. Mai 2010

Sankt Peter-Ording's endless beaches

St. Peter-Ording, a very popular German seaside spa, is situated on the North Sea coast, on the western tip of the Eiderstedt peninsula, approx. 45 km southwest of Husum.

On the other side of the North Sea, in (north-)westerly directions, there is the happy (photographic) hunting ground of Andy and his one-eyed hound Trooper, the lovely beaches of Northumberland, Great Britain.

St. Peter-Ording characteristics include a (main) beach that is approximately 12 kilometers long and up to one kilometre wide, the dunes, the salt meadows and the cultivated forested areas, atypical for this region.

The first of the characteristic stilt houses on the beach was built in 1911 and called itself "Giftbude" because, in the local dialect, "es dort wat gift" - "there's something available there", which, to insiders, meant Cognac.

The normal range of the tides is up to three metres. That the beach is so flat and smooth has made it a popular site for sail-racing, a sport similar to wind-surfing but on wheels.

The disadvantage: "Did you see any North Sea water on my pictures?
At the low tide you have to walk a very long distance to find any water. And if you reached the shoreline, you have to walk another 500 meters into the water before you can start swimming at a water depth of max. 50cm / 1 1/2 feet. ;-)


  1. Konnichiwa, You-wee san.
    Very interesting!
    If I saw the first photo without the title, I might think it is a desert.

  2. We need a hut like this in our garden for when it floods (especially if it has cognac)!

    Good to see the other side of the North Sea