Mittwoch, 7. April 2010

Ah, linger on, thou art so fair!

I really don't want to bore you, folks, but I MUST post another series of Pulsatilla / pasque flower photos I shot today. This time I was only 15 km away from my door sill, close by the village of Weikersheim-Laudenbach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

We are still at the beginning of the pustilla budding at the little dry grass strip close by Laudenbach.
It is stated that there will be up to 3.000 blossoms in the pasque flowers heyday.

At the moment there will be at least on third of the flowers visible.

But it was really a wow / grand oportunity (for me) to sit (carefully) between all the purple gems.

I hope you can enjoy my close-ups, too.


  1. I do believe these flowers look beatiful! I really love the close-ups! It's great to see how nature can give us these special wonderful colors with no man changing anything chemically or genetically!

    Thanks for posting them once again!

    great one!

    ps. Which kind of camera do you use?

  2. Fine details,nice photos!

  3. Anonym10/4/10

    ...dann wollen wir doch mal schauen, warum Rob als "anonymer Blogbekenner" keinen Kommentar schreiben kann!

    Also: bei mir scheint's zu funktionieren!

    Gruß, "anonymous you-wee-because".

  4. Great Photos..... nature at its best