Samstag, 27. Februar 2010

Welcome spring. Goodbye winter.

 I was barely three days off from home. After my return yesterday I was really thunderstruck by the fact that the long German winter has vanished into thin (and warm) air.

Today we had great, sunny weather with moderate temperatures of about 13°C. 
In the weekend edition of our local newspaper I saw a photograph of our spa gardens with a bunch of flourishing crocuses.

One hour later I went to the spa gardens and was surprised by the flower carpet of purple crocuses.
I cannot remember having seen such a large sea of flowers there in the past.

Of course I took a couple of photos before I had to leave. 
Between all the violett blossoms I was able to find even some white species.

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  1. Anonym28/2/10

    Gruss aus Indien, hier blueht auch so einiges ...