Sonntag, 10. Januar 2010

Newsworthy warning: Don't eat yellow snow!

Dear friends!
Even in our part of the world we actually have what you might call a "winter wonderland".
Although we are not used to have a lot of snow in our lowlands.


So we took the advantage of this rare opportunity and went for a stroll through the snow.

R., H. & R. together with a snowman we found in the spa gardens of our hometown Bäd Mergentheim.


Winter wonderland impressions I captured during our stroll.


Bäd Mergentheim in snow.
Seen from the "Ketterberg" in the north of the town.


  1. Anonym11/1/10

    Who is this sexy tall man with the red jacket?

  2. Hello! I watched the news so cold that your country but now I see the wonderful pictures you post and changes everything.
    What beautiful places! But what about your pictures? Excellent, little. ARE INCREDIBLE AND BEAUTIFUL ..... conveys much with them, health and happiness!


  3. ...the sexy tall man muss zufällig zusammen mit den anderen auf's Bild gekommen sein, ich wollte eigentlich nur den Schneemann fotografieren!



    Demi Lu, thanks for looking in!

    Of course we far away from a snow disaster in our part of Germany compared to the regions in the far northeast. There they have actually serious problems with the combination of heavy snowfall and strong winds, so that there are snow banks blocking the traffic because of the windblown snow.


  4. Uwe,

    Thank you for coming by my web-page.

    I've enjoyed your photographs and blog. They are very well done!

    Thanks for posting in English too!