Freitag, 18. Dezember 2009

Bäd Mergentheim Christmas illumination

This historic fountain in the town center of my hometown Bäd Mergentheim is known as the "Kiliansbrunnen" - the fountain devoted Saint Kilian.
Saint Kilian was an Irish missionary bishop and the apostle of Franconia (nowadays some of the northern parts of Bavaria and a bit of Baden-Wuerttemberg), where he began his labours towards the end of the 7th century.

Why ever, the Bäd Mergentheim city administration, which is normally everlasting short of money -  have spent a new Christmas illumination to the three or four main fountains of the town center this year.

This is one of the results of their generosity.

The fountain of Saint Kilian is located on the "Gänsmarkt" (market of geese), direct opposite of the world's famous book store of Moritz & Lux, which is known pretty well far beyond the town boundaries of Bad Mergentheim.


  1. Anonym19/12/09

    Dear Uwe,
    the famous fountain-decoration was an activity of the "Kaufmännischer Verein" and not of the city administration. But anyway - it looks nice.
    Upps - i forget:
    happy birthday to you!! (attention world: today`s Uwes birthday!!)

  2. Beautiful illumination!

    Christmas day is normal business day in Japan, but many peaople give present to their children, and have cake.

  3. Was für schöne Bilder! Glückwünsche! Ich bin aus Mexiko-Stadt, wo diese schöne Zeit mit schönen mexikanische Tradition ist aber jetzt in Tijuana leben, die US-Grenze, und es gibt keine solche Tradition in Mexiko-Stadt. Ich sah deine schöne Bilder, und ich wollte ein gutes Weihnachtsessen mit reicher Tradition und in meinem schönen Stadt haben

    Sie wissen, Ich mag Ihr Blog so, dass Sie mir gefolgt sind hier

    Demi /

  4. So beautiful, you had captured the magic of Noel season. I found a Roman Natale atmosphere here in lovely place because of fountains and statues. I wish, I wish we could have the Noel lights year around...