Dienstag, 29. September 2009

On C.'s trails through Australia

Comparison of an Australian Haulpak mining truck and a German plain cake flatbed truck.
What's your favourite?


  1. I like the german cake truck! YUM!

  2. Anonym30/9/09

    I take the mining truck, but with german damson cake please.

  3. ***************************************

    Damson cake is out-of-stock. ;-(

    Do you want to taste one of the "glückliche Wurstgesichter-Brötchen", Robert???

    If not, follow Sylvias exapmle of Bescheidenheit (modesty) and take was es gerade gibt!


  4. Anonym1/10/09

    Why "Robert"? Who is this "Robert"? He/it sounds amazing and cute. But however: in cause of emergency i take the wurschterbröter (original Pfülfringer idiom) or a LLS (liver-loaf-sandwich) - its also great.

  5. Anonym10/10/09

    I take the original Big Australian Truck. Then I have enough space for all the luggage of my three girls. On the back of the truck I will build a kitchen. My girls can bake the cake there. Only problem: where do I get all the fuel for the truck?

    Best wishes

    C driving and Mct baking