Freitag, 10. Juli 2009

Austrias' little Liverpool: Kapfenberg

Hi folks! This week I had the chance to go to Kapfenberg, Austria, occupationally.
Have you ever been to Kapfenberg? It's not the part of Austria where tourists spend their vacation time usually; it's a town of approx. 22.000 inhabitants at Styria, Austria.
And: Kapfenberg, its people and its economy is dominated by the large (special) steel manufacturer BÖHLER.

It was a guy from Styria who spoke about Kapfenberg as "Austrias' little Liverpool". You even might compare it with the German region Ruhr district (Ruhrgebiet), but much smaller - that was my first impression about this location.

On Wednesday, in the early morning hours, I took a stroll through Kapfenberg' city center. And of course I had my camera with me.
As an individual / a guy from the USA or other parts on our planet not located in Central Europe, you might arrive at a conclusion that there are not too much differences between Austrians and Germans, because we speak - more or less - the same language.
But, yes, there are some differences between people of both nations, blessedly! The same guy who spoke about Kapfenberg as Austrias' little Liverpool, told me: "Austrians are not as quick as Germans, but therefore they make less mistakes...!" ;-)

Back to my morning stroll: Of course I found several of the nice distinctions between Austrians and Germans and so I tried to capture some impressions which are notable in my opinion - and seems to be typical for the "Kapfenberg feeling"...
... no harm ment, dear Austrians, I love you all - although I'm not the reincarnation of Michael Jackson!

So just try to enjoy my very special view on this very special part of Austria.

Wilted flower shop at a wilted shopping street of Kapfenberg.

Come to the pink side of Kapfenberg life!
Come to Babsis dancing school!

Get your fresh Austrian eggs out of the "Eiermat" - the "egg-o-mat".
10 eggs for a song - for 2,30 €!

Or just buy one bottle of brown sherbet water full of sugar - or artificial sweetener - for nearly the same price...

Flowers beautify every balcony... ;-))

Forbidden to play ball!
A tidy house, a tidy mind.

Sex up your life at the Kapfenberg city shopping mall!

Here we go... ;-))

The venturous (villainous?) mocker with his tool of malice at the ready!

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