Sonntag, 24. Mai 2009

Just Keitum.

Due to its numerous alleys and the high content of old trees, Keitum is today regarded the island's "green village". Most of the old captain's houses are of a thatched roof style ("Reetdach"), what used to be and still is the typical type of rooftop at North Frisia.

In my view Keitum is the most beautiful village - or at least under the top three - of all German villages.

Sylt - the "Queen of the North Sea" with its capital Westerland and the 11 island villages Hoernum, Rantum, Tinnum, Keitum, Archsum, Morsum, Munkmarsch, Wenningstedt, Braderup, Kampen & List.

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  1. Looks very nice and I can more and more understand your affection for this northerly German sanctuary. However the village looks suspecedly like and old English village of free choice, maybe there are some old links over the sea