Sonntag, 12. April 2009

Happy / Merry Eastern / X-mas!

Going seaside for the rest of the year... ;-))

Enjoy your life!


  1. Hi, ich war noch nie in Lauffen, aber ich weiß ,dass dort viele Leute ,die ihren Nachname Gαηszκy genannt haben. Weil einen Freund wohnt. Er hat viele Tauben Bäume zu hause.

  2. Enjoy your time by the seaside, I know how nice it is as this is a standard way of life for us on the westcoast

  3. Sorry to hear about the rain, like you saw we had a pretty gorgeous day yesterday but today it is bloody cold, the wind is like ice and we are staying indoors taking care of my knees who took some strain yesterday