Dienstag, 10. Februar 2009

STEFELES - Oriental delights

Wo genießen??? --> www.stefeles.de

Der orientalische Vorspeisenteller XXL
"Sesam öffne dich"
aus der aktuellen Themen-Speisekarte
orient – aromen aus 1001er nacht

STEFELES is the name of the restaurant of our friend Markus, located in the middle of nowhere. Others call this place Assamstadt, which is approximately 10 Kilometers away from my hometown Bäd Mergentheim.

Citizens, no, let's say villagers of Assamstadt normaly don't go out for a meal as long as their wife is able to prepare a meal at home.
And, yes, exceptions prove the rule.

You have to know this to understand how brave Markus was eight years ago to build up a restaurant and offering gastronomic specialities far beyond "standard schnitzel and French fries".

Beside a regular menu card he offers specialities from all over the world. Every (second) month a region-specific menu card changes from Oriental food to Katalan to Brazilian to Tuscan cuisine (and so on) - a gastronomic journey around the world. And all you have to do to accompany Markus on his trip is to travel to Assamstadt and visit his restaurant!

From time to time he makes an intermediate stop at a characteristical part of Germany, too. So in May you can get some "Sylt-style specialities" - a tribute to the high gastronomic level of cuisine at Germany's most popular holiday island in the far north.
In September we travel along the river Rhine to Moselle - a tour for wallowers.

So what are you waiting for? Join us on the gastronomic journey around the world and visit restaurant STEFELES at Assamstadt ASAP!

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