Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2008

Coming together at Rothenburg...

... to celebrate the end of the (breakfast) season.

And even a little more... ;-)

Figurentheater Rothenburg
1408 - Der Fall des Heinrich Toppler - Liebe und Tod im Mittelalter
1408 - The fall of Heinrich Toppler - love and death in mediaeval times

As gorgeous as always:
breakfast and atmosphere at "Unter den Linden".
Vielen Dank, Angelika & Helmut, für den großartigen Tag in eurer Wiesenwirtschaft!

And the next picture is the group photo we took at the viewpoint
I (personally) call the "Japanese panorama".

Because EVERY Japanese (and Korean and Chinese and...) tourist visiting Rothenburg takes a photo of this scenery. With himself or family members or friends in the foreground. So millions (billions???) of Asians must have a similar photo from this viewpoint at Rothenburg already at home. Although most of them forget to swich on the camera flashlight because of the sunshine acting as a stong backlight in the afternoon. So 85% of the Asians at the foreground of the pictures are strongly underexposed.

Honestly I must say that the photos of all the Germans, French, Italian, ..., not to forget the Unites States tourists (here we have even higer a rate of underexposed photos), are normally not in the least better than the images of the Asian photographers.

We (photographers) are all slaves of NIKON, CANON, SONY, PANASONIC, OLYMPUS, ... !

Slaves of the Japanese camera industry!

So now you really know why I call this viewpoint the "Japanese panorama" of Rothenburg...


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