Sonntag, 10. Februar 2008

Sunny Sunday afternoon...

...on the Swabian Alb around the town of Neuffen with its castle Hohenneuffen.

This was really the first day in spring although it has been still the first third in February. Together with my wifes' family we enjoyed this fantastic sunny Sunday with a excellent lunch in a characteristic Swabian restaurant (named TRAUBE, opposite the Neuffen town hall you can see on the third picture) and with a walk in the vineyards around the Hohenneuffen castle ruin.
All the spring flowers are already blooming. Beside the snowdrops (Schneeglöckchen) I took a photo of you could find crocuses (Krokusse), daffodils (Osterglocken), snowflakes (Märzenbecher) and winter aconites (Winterlinge).
From my point of view winter (with snow and cold) definitely needn't come back...


  1. Anonym11/2/08

    it's unbelievable

    you-wee is lieing down on a chair and doing this possible?

  2. What should I do?

    I forgot to take my notebook with me and I had no postcard at hand!

    But appearances are deceptive! (= Der Schein trügt!) Of course I did something (although it didn't look like so): I myself took the photo by arranging the camera on my photo rucksack and actuating the delayed-action shutter release (Selbstauslöser)!

    So again: appearances are deceptive...


    Kind regards to anonym...